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Through major breakthroughs in several molecular biology and high-throughput techniques, the role of small RNAs in gene expression and various signaling pathways during development and carcinogenesis has been extensively studied.

Hosted by the Université de Montréal's Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC), the Technological Advances in RNA Therapy Symposium will give an opportunity for leading scientists in the field to share recent findings about the molecular mechanisms and technologies for delivering RNA-based therapeutics.

The symposium will cover the following fields of study:

  1. RNA Synthetic Biology
  2. Riboswitches and Aptamers
  3. RNAi and microRNAs

The symposium will be dedicated to the presentation of new findings in these three areas. This two-day event will be a unique opportunity to promote discussions about what the pharmaceutical industry calls the "next generation drugs".