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A comparative analysis of the triloops in all high-resolution RNA structures reveals sequence structure relationships.

Lisi V, Major F

Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer, Department of Computer Science and Operations Research, Université de Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Despite an increasing number of experimentally determined RNA structures, the gap between the number of structures and that of RNA families is still growing. To overcome this limitation, efficient and reliable RNA modeling methodologies must be developed. In order to reach this goal, here, we show how triloop sequence-structure relationships have been inferred through a systematic analysis of all triloops found in available high-resolution structures. The structural annotation of all triloops allowed us to define discrete states of the triloop's conformational space, and therefore an explicit sequence-to-structure relation. The sequence-structure relationships inferred from this explicit relation are presented in a convenient modeling table that provides a limited set of possible three-dimensional structures given any triloop sequence. The table is indexed by the two nucleotides that form the triloop's flanking base pair, since they are shown to provide the most information about the triloop three-dimensional structures. We also report the observations in the X-ray crystallographic structures of important conformational variations, which we believe might be the result of RNA dynamic.

RNA 2007;13(9):1537-45.

Pubmed ID: 17652406

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