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Chromatin challenges during DNA replication and repair.

Groth A, Rocha W, Verreault A, Almouzni G

Laboratory of Nuclear Dynamics and Genome Plasticity, UMR 218 CNRS/Institut Curie, 26 rue d'Ulm, 75248 Paris, Cedex 5, France.

Inheritance and maintenance of the DNA sequence and its organization into chromatin are central for eukaryotic life. To orchestrate DNA-replication and -repair processes in the context of chromatin is a challenge, both in terms of accessibility and maintenance of chromatin organization. To meet the challenge of maintenance, cells have evolved efficient nucleosome-assembly pathways and chromatin-maturation mechanisms that reproduce chromatin organization in the wake of DNA replication and repair. The aim of this Review is to describe how these pathways operate and to highlight how the epigenetic landscape may be stably maintained even in the face of dramatic changes in chromatin structure.

Cell 2007;128(4):721-33.

Pubmed ID: 17320509

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