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Clothing up DNA for all seasons: Histone chaperones and nucleosome assembly pathways.

Rocha W, Verreault A

Institut de Recherche en Immunologie et Cancérologie (IRIC), Département de Pathologie et de Biologie Cellulaire, Université de Montréal, B.P. 6128, Succursale Centre-Ville, Montréal (Qc), Canada H3C 3J7.

In eukaryotes, the packaging of DNA into chromatin is essential for cell viability. Several important DNA metabolic events require the transient disruption of chromatin structure, but cells have evolved a number of elaborate pathways that operate throughout the cell cycle to prevent the deleterious effects of chromatin erosion. In this review, we describe a number of distinct nucleosome assembly pathways that function during DNA replication, transcription, cellular senescence and early embryogenesis. In addition, we illustrate some of the physiological consequences associated with defects in nucleosome assembly pathways.

FEBS Lett. 2008;582(14):1938-49.

Pubmed ID: 18343227

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