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Data Independent Acquisition analysis in ProHits 4.0.

Liu G, Knight JD, Zhang JP, Tsou CC, Wang J, Lambert JP, Larsen B, Tyers M, Raught B, Bandeira N, Nesvizhskii AI, Choi H, Gingras AC

Centre for Systems Biology, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Sinai Health System, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Affinity purification coupled with mass spectrometry (AP-MS) is a powerful technique for the identification and quantification of physical interactions. AP-MS requires careful experimental design, appropriate control selection and quantitative workflows to successfully identify bona fide interactors amongst a large background of contaminants. We previously introduced ProHits, a Laboratory Information Management System for interaction proteomics, which tracks all samples in a mass spectrometry facility, initiates database searches and provides visualization tools for spectral counting-based AP-MS approaches. More recently, we implemented Significance Analysis of INTeractome (SAINT) within ProHits to provide scoring of interactions based on spectral counts. Here, we provide an update to ProHits to support Data Independent Acquisition (DIA) with identification software (DIA-Umpire and MSPLIT-DIA), quantification tools (through DIA-Umpire, or externally via targeted extraction), and assessment of quantitative enrichment (through mapDIA) and scoring of interactions (through SAINT-intensity). With additional improvements, notably support of the iProphet pipeline, facilitated deposition into ProteomeXchange repositories and enhanced export and viewing functions, ProHits 4.0 offers a comprehensive suite of tools to facilitate affinity proteomics studies.

J Proteomics 2016;149:64-68.

Pubmed ID: 27132685

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