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ERAAP Shapes the Peptidome Associated with Classical and Nonclassical MHC Class I Molecules.

Nagarajan NA, de Verteuil DA, Sriranganadane D, Yahyaoui W, Thibault P, Perreault C, Shastri N

Division of Immunology and Pathogenesis, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720; and

The peptide repertoire presented by classical as well as nonclassical MHC class I (MHC I) molecules is altered in the absence of the endoplasmic reticulum aminopeptidase associated with Ag processing (ERAAP). To characterize the extent of these changes, peptides from cells lacking ERAAP were eluted from the cell surface and analyzed by high-throughput mass spectrometry. We found that most peptides found in wild-type (WT) cells were retained in the absence of ERAAP. In contrast, a subset of "ERAAP-edited" peptides was lost in WT cells, and ERAAP-deficient cells presented a unique "unedited" repertoire. A substantial fraction of MHC-associated peptides from ERAAP-deficient cells contained N-terminal extensions and had a different molecular composition than did those from WT cells. We found that the number and immunogenicity of peptides associated with nonclassical MHC I was increased in the absence of ERAAP. Conversely, only peptides presented by classical MHC I were immunogenic in ERAAP-sufficient cells. Finally, MHC I peptides were also derived from different intracellular sources in ERAAP-deficient cells.

J. Immunol. 2016;197(4):1035-43.

Pubmed ID: 27371725

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