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Towards 3D structure prediction of large RNA molecules: an integer programming framework to insert local 3D motifs in RNA secondary structure.

Reinharz V, Major F, Waldispühl J

School of Computer Science & McGill Centre for Bioinformatics, McGill University H3A 0E9 and School of Computer Science & IRIC, Université de Montréal, Montréal, Canada H3C 2J7.

The prediction of RNA 3D structures from its sequence only is a milestone to RNA function analysis and prediction. In recent years, many methods addressed this challenge, ranging from cycle decomposition and fragment assembly to molecular dynamics simulations. However, their predictions remain fragile and limited to small RNAs. To expand the range and accuracy of these techniques, we need to develop algorithms that will enable to use all the structural information available. In particular, the energetic contribution of secondary structure interactions is now well documented, but the quantification of non-canonical interactions-those shaping the tertiary structure-is poorly understood. Nonetheless, even if a complete RNA tertiary structure energy model is currently unavailable, we now have catalogues of local 3D structural motifs including non-canonical base pairings. A practical objective is thus to develop techniques enabling us to use this knowledge for robust RNA tertiary structure predictors.

Bioinformatics 2012;28(12):i207-i214.

Pubmed ID: 22689763

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