Interphase microtubule disassembly is a signaling cue that drives cell rounding at mitotic entry.Leguay K, Decelle B, Elkholi IE, Bouvier M, Côté JF, Carréno SJ Cell Biol 2022-06-06;221(6)::e202109065.

Penile Cancer-Derived Cells Molecularly Characterized as Models to Guide Targeted Therapies.Kuasne H, Canto LMD, Aagaard MM, Muñoz JJM, Jamblinne C, Marchi FA, Scapulatempo-Neto C, Faria EF, Lopes A, Carréno S, Rogatto SRCells 2021-04-06;10(4).

Development of conformational BRET biosensors that monitor ezrin, radixin and moesin activation in real time.Leguay K, Decelle B, He YY, Pagniez A, Hogue M, Kobayashi H, Le Gouill C, Bouvier M, Carréno SJ Cell Sci 2021-04-01;134(7).

STRIPAK regulates Slik localization to control mitotic morphogenesis and epithelial integrity.De Jamblinne CV, Decelle B, Dehghani M, Joseph M, Sriskandarajah N, Leguay K, Rambaud B, Lemieux S, Roux PP, Hipfner DR, Carréno SJ Cell Biol 2020-11-02;219(11).

NF45 and NF90 Regulate Mitotic Gene Expression by Competing with Staufen-Mediated mRNA Decay.Nourreddine S, Lavoie G, Paradis J, Ben El Kadhi K, Méant A, Aubert L, Grondin B, Gendron P, Chabot B, Bouvier M, Carreno S, Roux PPCell Rep 2020-05-19;31(7):107660.

Misshapen coordinates protrusion restriction and actomyosin contractility during collective cell migration.Plutoni C, Keil S, Zeledon C, Delsin LEA, Decelle B, Roux PP, Carréno S, Emery GNat Commun 2019-09-02;10(1):3940.

PTEN reduces endosomal PtdIns(4,5)P in a phosphatase-independent manner via a PLC pathway.Mondin VE, Ben El Kadhi K, Cauvin C, Jackson-Crawford A, Bélanger E, Decelle B, Salomon R, Lowe M, Echard A, Carréno SJ. Cell Biol. 2019-07-01;218(7):2198-2214.

IPIP27 Coordinates PtdIns(4,5)P2 Homeostasis for Successful Cytokinesis.Carim SC, Ben El Kadhi K, Yan G, Sweeney ST, Hickson GR, Carréno S, Lowe MCurr. Biol. 2019-03-04;29(5):775-789.e7.

Proteomics Screen Identifies Class I Rab11 Family Interacting Proteins as Key Regulators of Cytokinesis.Laflamme C, Galan JA, Ben El Kadhi K, Méant A, Zeledon C, Carréno S, Roux PP, Emery GMol. Cell. Biol. 2017-02-01;37(3).

Interdomain allosteric regulation of Polo kinase by Aurora B and Map205 is required for cytokinesis.Kachaner D, Pinson X, El Kadhi KB, Normandin K, Talje L, Lavoie H, Lépine G, Carréno S, Kwok BH, Hickson GR, Archambault VJ. Cell Biol. 2014-10-27;207(2):201-11.

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