Top 10 Reasons to Give to IRIC

#1 - Your donations go directly to support our research and nothing else

At IRIC, regardless of the funding priority you contribute to, all the money the Institute raises goes to support our mission. This is possible because IRIC is an entity of the Université de Montréal which provides all administrative services for managing donations. Hence, there are no administrative fees attached to your donation which ensures that 100% of the money raised goes directly to fund our cancer research programs.

#2 - A research centre equipped with the best infrastructures

IRIC is housed in a state-of-the-art building that is less than 10 years old. It was specifically designed not only to meet today’s research needs but also to encourage teamwork, as collaboration is at the heart of our guiding principles. Our 11 leading-edge technological core facilities serve IRIC’s 29 research teams as well as the scientific community of Montreal, Quebec and Canada. The specialized equipment allows to meet the high requirements of top-notch research and to contribute to major discoveries.

#3 - Researchers who give

IRIC researchers, students and employees contribute to their Institute not only through their work, they also give back. In 2009-2010, our staff rallied together to contribute a total of $107,000 to our first internal fundraising campaign which grants a doctoral award annually.

Moreover, each year, researchers, staff and students fiercely wear IRIC’s colors during the Perseverance Challenge. They make up approximately one third of the cyclists and runners who participate in our annual fundraiser.

#4 - Training tomorrow's scientists

IRIC’s principal investigators put a lot of effort into training top-ranking up-and-coming scientists. They strongly believe that the new generation of researchers must not only become specialists in their field but also have integrated multidisciplinary and collaboration into their practice to succeed in tackling the challenge of cancer research. By understanding the crucial importance of training tomorrow’s scientists, IRIC was the first in Canada to set up a program of graduate studies in systems biology. Students enrolled in this program complete their studies and contribute daily to IRIC’s mission by actively participating in our research projects.

#5 - A unique research model that includes some risk

IRIC pursues its mission in a creative and innovative way by initiating high-risk projects that have a high potential impact on drug discovery. However, at least in the initial stage, such projects are difficult to finance by granting agencies. Thus, IRIC has created the Strategic Projects Committee Committee (CSP) to finance original projects with a high potential for discovery. If results are convincing at a more advanced stage, these projects may be more easily supported by granting agencies and could lead to prominent achievements.

Through the B2Discovery program, IRICoR and private donors provide a leverage effect by funding the projects of CSP.

#6 - Researchers from around the world

IRIC has 29 research units all led by dynamic and passionate investigators originating from Europe, the United States or elsewhere in Canada. Some have returned to Montreal from Scotland or after completing their studies at Harvard, Stanford or Yale. Coupled with the results achieved over the years, their knowledge and expertise allow the Institute to work on projects with a high potential for discovery of new drugs against cancer.

#7 - Complementary expertise to confront cancer

IRIC is a tremendous weapon against cancer thanks to the collective know-how of our team.

Our approach aims to study all components of a biological process at the same time rather than considering them separately, an up-and-coming research perspective known as systems biology. This allows our researchers, who are experts in complementary fields (such as molecular biology, biochemistry, genomics, proteomics, medicinal chemistry, immunobiology, bioinformatics, pharmacology, etc.) to benefit from each other’s knowledge and progress more rapidly both in their individual and collective research projects. IRIC was one of the first Canadian research centres to operate under this model.

#8 - Drug discovery accelerated by a collaborative culture

The ethos of collegiality prevailing at IRIC allows researchers to go beyond the frontiers of science by working together on multidisciplinary projects. Our experts who work in fundamental research collaborate with colleagues who then implement the results of their fundamental findings. Thus, the synergy generated by this collaboration accelerates the discovery and development process of new anticancer drugs.

IRIC’s collaborative approach extends beyond the walls of the Institute: IRIC’s researchers also benefit from the expertise of researchers of the campus of the Université de Montréal, particularly in biochemistry, chemistry, bioinformatics, engineering and nanotechnology. Each year, we put together  several innovative projects that involve multiple collaborations with researchers from across Canada and around the world.

We also work closely with various hospitals to validate our research findings through clinical trials: Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital, CHUM, Montreal Jewish General Hospital and McMaster University Medical Centre (Hamilton).

#9 - From bench to bedside: nothing less than a full value chain of drug discovery

The Institute has implemented the first Canadian chain of anticancer drug discovery in the academic sector. Academic research centres have often focused their efforts on fundamental research. IRIC is designed to operate differently and engages in all stages of drug discovery: fundamental research, clinical testing, production and marketing of molecules. IRICoR, an IRIC subsidiary created in 2008, is responsible for establishing strategic partnerships with the biopharmaceutical industry to market and make available to the public IRIC’s discoveries.

#10 - Our mission is clear: a cancer-free future

An ultra-modern research hub and training centre located in the heart of the Université de Montréal, IRIC was created in 2003 to shed light on the mechanisms of cancer and discover new, more effective drugs to vanquish this plague. With its 400 passionate researchers organized around three main axes of research (Biology of Cancer, Leukemia and Stem Cell Biology and Molecular Diagnostics and Targeted Therapies), IRIC is a true leader in cancer research.

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