100% of donations go directly to fund cancer research

Cancer is the #1 health problem in Canada.

According to 2016 estimates from the Canadian Cancer Society, 42 % of Canadian women and  45 % of  men will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime. An estimated 1 out of 4 Canadians is expected to die from cancer.


Despite considerable efforts ans spectacular scientific advances to conquer this disease, effective treatments are still lacking for most types of cancer. IRIC’s mission is to have a tangible impact on the battle against cancer by developing new, more effective therapies. In order to do this, IRIC needs the support of governments, granting agencies, industry partners and generous donors. 

Philanthropy plays an important role on IRIC’s capacity to push the limits of our research projects. We encourage you to browse this section to learn about the different initiatives we have put together to help finance research at IRIC and to see how you can also contribute to our mission. 

At IRIC, 100% of donations go directly to fund cancer research. 

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