Where do your donations go?

100% of the donations made to IRIC will be invested in cancer research, regardless of the funding priority you contribute to. It is possible because IRIC is part of the Université de Montréal that provides all administrative services for managing donations.

IRIC’s mission is to have a significant impact on the treatment of cancer. In order to achieve this mission, IRIC focuses on 4 main funding priorities:

1.    Recruiting elite investigators
IRIC has 29 research units led by experienced researchers from around the world. We need a total of 35 units and we want the best staff. Thus, we must have adequate funds to recruit them.
2.    Attracting the best student researchers
Since its creation, IRIC has recruited 350 students to work in laboratories. They have contributed to more than 300 research projects. They are the engine of scientific research because without them we could not progress and achieve results as quickly. To attract the best students, IRIC must provide them with competitive scholarships.

3.    Funding high-risk/high-impact projects
IRIC takes an innovative approach by initiating projects that are high-risk but that hold significant potential for the discovery of new drugs. Such projects can be difficult to finance by granting agencies.

We have put together B2Discovery, a new research funding model to help finance such novel and promising projects not currently funded by public granting agencies. Once these projects reach a more advanced stage with higher chances of success, they can be financed by traditional granting agencies. B2D acts like a spark plug by creating a leverage effect and paving the way to discovering novel therapies to fight cancer.

4.    Maintaining our technological advancement
One of IRIC’s key assets are its state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructures which allow us to maintain our edge and pursue our innovative research. Our research findings depend on our capacity to maintain and renew our specialized equipment, which can be very costly. Therefore, we believe in investing in our technologies and their funding is crucial to our research.

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