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May to August, 2019

About the IRIC Summer School in Systems Biology:

The IRIC Summer School in Systems Biology includes a series of required and elective theoretical courses (BIM 6064A-B-C-D) that cover various topics related to cellular and molecular biology of cancer, molecular genetics of eukaryotes, immuno-oncology, model organisms and approaches in systems biology.

The Summer School also includes required and electives practical courses (BIM 6065A-B-C-D-E) that emphasize hands-on laboratory training related to molecular biology (site-directed mutagenesis, DNA sequencing, construction of expression vectors), cell analysis (microscopy, flow cytometry), expression and purification of proteins (FPLC chromatography), analysis of the chemical and biophysical properties of proteins (mass spectrometry, circular dichroism, ultracentrifugation), fuctional genomics (high-throughput sequencing), bioinformatics (databases, network analysis, modeling of the structure of macromolecules) and the use of model organisms (mouse, yeast, nematode, fruit fly). Throughout these practical courses, students conduct mini-research projects using the IRIC’s core facilities.

During the IRIC Summer School in Systems Biology, you will benefit from the expertise and support of an impressive team of more than thirty researchers, professors and scientists from the IRIC, the Université of Montreal, the CHUM Research Centre (CRCHUM) and the Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital Research Centre (CRHMR).

By its rich and dynamic programming and its innovative academic approach, the IRIC Summer School in Systems Biology provides high-level training that helps students become familiar with the equipment and scientific resources available at IRIC and prepares them for a promising career in a variety of areas related to cancer and biomedical research.

Class of 2018 : from left to right: Matthew Di Lalla, Wencillia Querbel, Sabin Dakin, Alizée Gouronnec, Lucyle Depoërs, Brittany Roberts, Gabriela Bernal Astrain, Mohammad Javad Paydar, Verena Gress, Victor Passos Gibson, Godwin Chan, Yao (Eric) Chi-Yuan, Unain Ansari, Danielle Henry, Mathieu Bouttier, Yulia Ezhova, Marcela Farias Costa, Leanna Canapi, Kany Diop Mame, Annabelle Minguy, Juliet Guay, Philipa Levesque-Damphousse, Federico Pratesi, Roqya Imane, Rana Rizk, and Silvana Jananji.   

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Past participants in the IRIC Summer School in Systems Biology:

Summer school - Class of 2017

Class of 2017 : from left to right: Swati Singh, Reece Dowling, Alexandre Sauriol, Patrick Nkanza Makala, Chithra Muthuramu, Lucas Poncelet, Mohamed Benhammadi, Emmanuelle Degeorges, Laureen Antenor-Habazac, Laurence Langlois-Lemay, Thomas Garcia, Charles Homsi, Madline Sauvage, Anh-Tien Ton, Stéphanie Fedorov, Lionel Lemogo, Suli-Anne Laurin, Badr Sokrat, Margaux Tual, Gustavo Borges, Lara Elis Alberici Delsin, Philippe Desjardins, Layane Duarte E Souza. Absent : Elham Ben Saad et Achraf Boutayeb.

Summer school - Class of 2016

Class of 2016: Assia Ait Slimane, Anca Apavaloaei, Simon Bergeron-Fortier, Christian Bernard, Moana Boulangé, Gustavo Cordero Guzman, Mélanie Criqui, Christine Desroches Altamirano, Benjamin Dumont, Albert Feghaly, Ema Elissen Flores Diaz, Hervé Gerbe, Kenza Garreau, Mélanie Girard, Audrey Herrmann, Camille Jimenez Cortes, Marion Lacroix, Marjorie Lapouge, Sara Marullo, Amir Medjtoh, Devi Mohanakumari Venugopal, Virginie Mondin, Soumil Narayan, Elma Ndreu, Nandita Noronha, Sami Nourreddine, Marc-Alexandre Olivier, Elizabeth Ottoni, Frédéric Perriot, Vincent Poupart, Suleen Raad, Mathieu Roussy, Céline Schott, Kayla Simeone, Srivastsava, and Xiangjiang Xu.

Summer school - Class of 2015

École d'été - Cohorte 2015

Class of 2015. From left to right: Marie-Hélène Corre, Maïssa Babouder, Kaleem Atchia, Catherine Lapointe, Armen Tchobanian, Milena Kosic, Marianne Archambault, Beichen Gao, Neethi Nandagopal, Jade Falardeau, Jordan Quenneville, Marianne Issac, David Haberl, Amani Daoud, Mireille Dessureault, Louise Chui, Kevin Leguay, Yu Yan He, Khady Thiombane Ndeye, Marine Diennet, Blandine Montjarret. Absent: Chongyang Li, Ryan Pinkham, Laura Simon, Yu Wei Zhang.

Summer School - Class of 2014
École d'été - Cohorte 2014

Class of 2014. From left to right: Alexandra Laverde-Saad, Samuel Jacques, Marine Blackman, Laura Rivest-Khan, Francis Lussier, Yahya Benslimane, Peter Kubiniok, Amogh Gopinathan Nair, Swati Shetti, Myreille Larouche. Missing students: Marie Armande Ang Houle, Sarah Cherkaoui, Félix Comtois, Élise Cournoyer, Abdellatif Daghrach, Catherine Descôteaux, Arturo Papaluca, Jonathan Seguin.

École d'été - Cohorte 2014 - Brésil

Class of 2014 from Brazil. From left to right: Luana Campos Soares, Maisa Pinheiro, Antuani Baptistella, Hellen Kuasne, Geysson Javier Fernandez, Mariana Franco Fragoso, Fabio Marchi.

Summer School - Class of 2013

Summer School - Class of 2012

Class of 2012. Front row, from left to right: Anders Östlund, Saima Rabah, Gwenaëlle Gavory, Jean-François Dupuis, Éric Vaillancourt-Jean, Sorin Busuioc, Etienne Gaucher. Middle, from left to righ : Frederic Lamoliatte, Yogitha Thattikota, Nelly Gaubert, Roshan Elizabeth Rajan, Vanessa Laflamme, Julien Patenaude, Céline Laumont, Géraldine Gosse. Back row, from left to right: Nicolas Tremblay, Christine Tibolla, Srinivasa Reddy, Raul Erik Mena Morales, Rahul Ghugari. Missing: Fanny Bergeron Labrecque, Olivier Bouchereau, Justyna Kulpa

Summer School - Class of 2011
École d'été - Cohorte 2011

Class of 2011. Back row, left to right: Patrick Lacasse, Einas Yousef, Kazi Mahmud, Maxime Cormier, Yue Huang, Mohamed El Ezzy, Emmanuelle Besner, Alexandre Rouette, Justine Paradis, Ricardo Montaya Bardales, Lucie Pêcheux, Karine Bourdages, Justyna Kulpa, Daisy Bui Khac, Simon Mathien. Front row, left to right: Farah Dandachi, Sophie Champagne-Paradis, Mariline Laplante. Absentee : Debabrata Paul

Summer School - Class of 2010
École d'été - Cohorte 2010

Class of 2010. Back row, left to right: Houssam Ismail, Dusan Garic, Camille Simon, Marie-Noëlle Seguin-Grignon, Christina Bell, Antoine Simoneau, David Flaschner. Front row, left to right: Jayshree Khanikar, Amani Hassan, Hiba Zahreddine, Salwa Es-Saad, Xiaocui Zhang, Aline Khayat, Abbas Padeganeh, Zeina Salloum, Marie-Anne Germain. Absentee: Peng Wang, Louis-François Tétreault.

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