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The Université de Montréal and its affiliated schools house some 20 libraries that provide the university community with a range of specialized collections and access to numerous electronic resources. For details, visit the Université de Montréal libraries website.

Language courses

The Written communication centre (known as the Centre de communication écrite – CCE) offers a variety of linguistic tools and workshops to support the Université de Montréal’s community. Several workshops are available to help non-francophone students improve their oral and written French. The Centre also offers courses in several other languages, as well a linguistic buddy program.

Written Communication Centre (CCE)
Address : 3744, rue Jean-Brillant, Room 430
Phone : (514) 343-5955
Email: cce@umontreal.ca
Website: www.cce.umontreal.ca

Food service outlets

The Université de Montréal offers a wide variety of food service outlets on campus. In addition to the food service outlets, you can find beverages, snacks, and sandwiches at reasonable prices at student-run cafés where profits are used to fund student activities.

Below is a list of food service outlets near IRIC:

  • Jean-Coutu Building Food Outlet (in the Agora next to IRIC)
  • Roger-Gaudry Building Food Outlet, U section, 1st floor
  • “Chez Valère” Cafeteria – 3200 Jean-Brillant Building, 2nd floor
  • “Pill Pub” Café (pharmacy student café) – Jean-Coutu Building, Room  S1-184
  • “Math-Info” (mathematics student café) – André-Aisensdadt Building, Room 1221
  • “L’intermed” (medecine student café) – Roger-Gaudry Building, Room X-027
  • “Le macrophage” (biochemistry student café), – Roger-Gaudry Building, Room E-212
  • “Le Café-in” (chemistry student café) – Roger-Gaudry Building, Room G-717

Visit the university food services website to download the weekly menu for food outlets.

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