Bernhard Lehnertz

Postdoctoral fellow
Molecular biology

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The beauty about IRIC is that it provides so many top notch scientific resources and services all under one roof. This has a tremendous impact on my research productivity and enables us to perform studies that would not be possible in many other institutes in Canada.

My academic background

Postdoctoral fellowship
IRIC РUniversit̩ de Montr̩al, Canada
2010 to today

Postdoctoral fellowship
University of British Columbia, Canada
2009 to 2010

Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine
University of British Columbia, Canada
2003 to 2009

Diplom (thesis)
Institute of Molecular Pathology, Austria
2001 to 2002

Diplom in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
University of Jena, Germany
1998 to 2002

My current research project

Epigenetic regulation of normal and leukemia stem cells.

Research team: Guy Sauvageau