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Students wishing to pursue an internship at IRIC are invited to identify investigators they wish to work with and to follow the guidelines presented below when preparing and submitting their application. For a list of IRIC principal investigators, visit our “Research” section.

Please note that since the student recruitment process takes place throughout the year, there is no set deadline to submit your application.

Preparing your application

In order to be considered complete, your application package should contain the following:

  • A letter of intent (max. 1000 words) describing:
    • your academic background;
    • your interest in the pursuit of graduate studies and your career goals;
    • your scientific interests;
    • your reasons for wanting to pursue an internship at IRIC in the field of cancer research;
    • your reasons for wanting to pursue an internship in this research team.
  • Official transcripts of your university-level academic record (scanned copies are accepted).
  • Your résumé including, if applicable, awards or honors; oral or poster presentations; or contributions to scientific papers.

Submitting your application

Your application must submitted directly by email to the investigators of your choice.

Need more information?

For more information on the application process or requirements, contact us:

IRIC – Office of Academic Affairs
Phone: (514) 343-6111 extension 0612

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