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Regulation of the DNA damage response and gene expression by the Dot1L histone methyltransferase and the 53Bp1 tumour suppressor.

FitzGerald J, Moureau S, Drogaris P, O'Connell E, Abshiru N, Verreault A, Thibault P, Grenon M, Lowndes NF

Genome Stability Laboratory, School of Natural Sciences, Centre for Chromosome Biology, National University of Ireland Galway, Galway, Ireland.

Dot1L, a histone methyltransferase that targets histone H3 lysine 79 (H3K79), has been implicated in gene regulation and the DNA damage response although its functions in these processes remain poorly defined.

PLoS ONE 2011;6(2):e14714.

Pubmed ID: 21383990

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