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Disruption of TBC1D7, a subunit of the TSC1-TSC2 protein complex, in intellectual disability and megalencephaly.

Capo-Chichi JM, Tcherkezian J, Hamdan FF, Décarie JC, Dobrzeniecka S, Patry L, Nadon MA, Mucha BE, Major P, Shevell M, Bencheikh BO, Joober R, Samuels ME, Rouleau GA, Roux PP, Michaud JL

CHU Sainte-Justine Research Center, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Mutations in TSC1 or TSC2 cause the tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC), a disorder characterised by the development of hamartomas or benign tumours in various organs as well as the variable presence of epilepsy, intellectual disability (ID) and autism. TSC1, TSC2 and the recently described protein TBC1D7 form a complex that inhibits mTORC1 signalling and limits cell growth. Although it has been proposed that mutations in TBC1D7 might also cause TSC, loss of its function has not yet been documented in humans.

J. Med. Genet. 2013;50(11):740-4.

Pubmed ID: 23687350

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