IRIC discoveries have spurred major advances in understanding the development of cancer and opened the way to the creation of new, more targeted therapeutic solutions. Its publications are a reflection of these accomplishments. They also demonstrate the Institute’s drive and productivity.

Evolutionary action and structural basis of the allosteric switch controlling β2AR functional selectivity.Schönegge AM, Gallion J, Picard LP, Wilkins AD, Le Gouill C, Audet M, Stallaert W, Lohse MJ, Kimmel M, Lichtarge O, Bouvier MNat Commun 2017-12-18;8(1):2169.

Actomyosin contractility regulators stabilize the cytoplasmic bridge between the two primordial germ cells during Caenorhabditis elegans embryogenesis.Goupil E, Amini R, Hall DH, Labbé JCMol. Biol. Cell 2017-12-15;28(26):3789-3800.

Loss of Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinase 1/2 in the Retinal Pigment Epithelium Leads to RPE65 Decrease and Retinal Degeneration.Pyakurel A, Balmer D, Saba-El-Leil MK, Kizilyaprak C, Daraspe J, Humbel BM, Voisin L, Le YZ, von Lintig J, Meloche S, Roduit RMol. Cell. Biol. 2017-12-15;37(24).

Detection of Quiescent Radioresistant Epithelial Progenitors in the Adult Thymus.Dumont-Lagacé M, Gerbe H, Daouda T, Laverdure JP, Brochu S, Lemieux S, Gagnon E, Perreault CFront Immunol 2017-12-05;8:1717.

Identification of novel biomarkers for MLL-translocated acute myeloid leukemia.Lagacé K, Barabé F, Hébert J, Cellot S, Wilhelm BTExp. Hematol. 2017-12-01;56:58-63.

Immunoproteasomes Control the Homeostasis of Medullary Thymic Epithelial Cells by Alleviating Proteotoxic Stress.St-Pierre C, Morgand E, Benhammadi M, Rouette A, Hardy MP, Gaboury L, Perreault CCell Rep 2017-11-28;21(9):2558-2570.

Coupling of Polo kinase activation to nuclear localization by a bifunctional NLS is required during mitotic entry.Kachaner D, Garrido D, Mehsen H, Normandin K, Lavoie H, Archambault VNat Commun 2017-11-22;8(1):1701.

H3K27M/I mutations promote context-dependent transformation in acute myeloid leukemia with RUNX1 alterations.Lehnertz B, Zhang YW, Boivin I, Mayotte N, Tomellini E, Chagraoui J, Lavallée VP, Hébert J, Sauvageau GBlood 2017-11-16;130(20):2204-2214.

Chemogenomic Landscape of RUNX1-mutated AML Reveals Importance of RUNX1 Allele Dosage in Genetics and Glucocorticoid Sensitivity.Simon L, Lavallée VP, Bordeleau ME, Krosl J, Baccelli I, Boucher G, Lehnertz B, Chagraoui J, MacRae T, Ruel R, Chantigny Y, Lemieux S, Marinier A, Hébert J, Sauvageau GClin. Cancer Res. 2017-11-15;23(22):6969-6981.

Synthetic human leukemia models: towards precision medicine.Cellot S, Wilhelm BT, Barabé FOncotarget 2017-11-14;8(57):96480-96481.

Pharmacological Characterization of 5-Substituted 1-[(2,3-dihydro-1-benzofuran-2-yl)methyl]piperazines: Novel Antagonists for the Histamine H3 and H4 Receptors with Anti-inflammatory Potential.Corrêa MF, Barbosa ÁJR, Teixeira LB, Duarte DA, Simões SC, Parreiras-E-Silva LT, Balbino AM, Landgraf RG, Bouvier M, Costa-Neto CM, Fernandes JPSFront Pharmacol 2017-11-14;8:825.

The eukaryotic translation initiation factor eIF4E harnesses hyaluronan production to drive its malignant activity.Zahreddine HA, Culjkovic-Kraljacic B, Emond A, Pettersson F, Midura R, Lauer M, Del Rincon S, Cali V, Assouline S, Miller WH, Hascall V, Borden KLElife 2017-11-07;6.

Identification of cross talk between SUMOylation and ubiquitylation using a sequential peptide immunopurification approach.McManus FP, Lamoliatte F, Thibault PNat Protoc 2017-11-01;12(11):2342-2358.

Study of Methylene Blue Ototoxicity in the Guinea Pig.Belhassen S, Alzahrani M, Nader ME, Gaboury L, Saliba IJ Clin Med Res 2017-11-01;9(11):900-906.

Immunogenic stress and death of cancer cells: Contribution of antigenicity vs adjuvanticity to immunosurveillance.Bloy N, Garcia P, Laumont CM, Pitt JM, Sistigu A, Stoll G, Yamazaki T, Bonneil E, Buqué A, Humeau J, Drijfhout JW, Meurice G, Walter S, Fritsche J, Weinschenk T, Rammensee HG, Melief C, Thibault P, Perreault C, Pol J, Zitvogel L, Senovilla L, Kroemer GImmunol. Rev. 2017-11-01;280(1):165-174.

WD40 repeat domain proteins: a novel target class?Schapira M, Tyers M, Torrent M, Arrowsmith CHNat Rev Drug Discov 2017-11-01;16(11):773-786.

PPARγ Ligand-induced Annexin A1 Expression Determines Chemotherapy Response via Deubiquitination of Death Domain Kinase RIP in Triple-negative Breast Cancers.Chen L, Yuan Y, Kar S, Kanchi MM, Arora S, Kim JE, Koh PF, Yousef E, Samy RP, Shanmugam MK, Tan TZ, Shin SW, Arfuso F, Shen HM, Yang H, Goh BC, Park JI, Gaboury L, Lobie PE, Sethi G, Lim LHK, Kumar APMol. Cancer Ther. 2017-11-01;16(11):2528-2542.

UBAP2L is amplified in a large subset of human lung adenocarcinoma and is critical for epithelial lung cell identity and tumor metastasis.Aucagne R, Girard S, Mayotte N, Lehnertz B, Lopes-Paciencia S, Gendron P, Boucher G, Chagraoui J, Sauvageau GFASEB J. 2017-11-01;31(11):5012-5018.

RAF inhibitors promote RAS-RAF interaction by allosterically disrupting RAF autoinhibition.Jin T, Lavoie H, Sahmi M, David M, Hilt C, Hammell A, Therrien MNat Commun 2017-10-31;8(1):1211.

Evolution of AF6-RAS association and its implications in mixed-lineage leukemia.Smith MJ, Ottoni E, Ishiyama N, Goudreault M, Haman A, Meyer C, Tucholska M, Gasmi-Seabrook G, Menezes S, Laister RC, Minden MD, Marschalek R, Gingras AC, Hoang T, Ikura MNat Commun 2017-10-23;8(1):1099.

Revealing the Determinants of Widespread Alternative Splicing Perturbation in Cancer.Li Y, Sahni N, Pancsa R, McGrail DJ, Xu J, Hua X, Coulombe-Huntington J, Ryan M, Tychhon B, Sudhakar D, Hu L, Tyers M, Jiang X, Lin SY, Babu MM, Yi SCell Rep 2017-10-17;21(3):798-812.

HCaRG/COMMD5 inhibits ErbB receptor-driven renal cell carcinoma.Matsuda H, Campion CG, Fujiwara K, Ikeda J, Cossette S, Verissimo T, Ogasawara M, Gaboury L, Saito K, Yamaguchi K, Takahashi S, Endo M, Fukuda N, Soma M, Hamet P, Tremblay JOncotarget 2017-09-19;8(41):69559-69576.

Ang-(1-7) is an endogenous β-arrestin-biased agonist of the AT1 receptor with protective action in cardiac hypertrophy.Teixeira LB, Parreiras-E-Silva LT, Bruder-Nascimento T, Duarte DA, Simões SC, Costa RM, Rodríguez DY, Ferreira PAB, Silva CAA, Abrao EP, Oliveira EB, Bouvier M, Tostes RC, Costa-Neto CMSci Rep 2017-09-19;7(1):11903.

Single Electron Transistor with Single Aromatic Ring Molecule Covalently Connected to Graphene Nanogaps.Xu Q, Scuri G, Mathewson C, Kim P, Nuckolls C, Bouilly DNano Lett. 2017-09-13;17(9):5335-5341.

Functional New World monkey oxytocin forms elicit an altered signaling profile and promotes parental care in rats.Parreiras-E-Silva LT, Vargas-Pinilla P, Duarte DA, Longo D, Espinoza Pardo GV, Dulor Finkler A, Paixão-Côrtes VR, Paré P, Rovaris DL, Oliveira EB, Caceres RA, Gonçalves GL, Bouvier M, Salzano FM, Lucion AB, Costa-Neto CM, Bortolini MCProc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2017-08-22;114(34):9044-9049.

An Unbiased Linkage Approach Reveals That the p53 Pathway Is Coupled to NK Cell Maturation.Collin R, St-Pierre C, Guilbault L, Mullins-Dansereau V, Policheni A, Guimont-Desrochers F, Pelletier AN, Gray DH, Drobetsky E, Perreault C, Hillhouse EE, Lesage SJ. Immunol. 2017-08-15;199(4):1490-1504.

MiSTIC, an integrated platform for the analysis of heterogeneity in large tumour transcriptome datasets.Lemieux S, Sargeant T, Laperrière D, Ismail H, Boucher G, Rozendaal M, Lavallée VP, Ashton-Beaucage D, Wilhelm B, Hébert J, Hilton DJ, Mader S, Sauvageau GNucleic Acids Res. 2017-07-27;45(13):e122.

Mammographic density, blood telomere length and lipid peroxidation.Erdmann NJ, Harrington LA, Martin LJSci Rep 2017-07-19;7(1):5803.

Focal Adhesion- and IGF1R-Dependent Survival and Migratory Pathways Mediate Tumor Resistance to mTORC1/2 Inhibition.Yoon SO, Shin S, Karreth FA, Buel GR, Jedrychowski MP, Plas DR, Dedhar S, Gygi SP, Roux PP, Dephoure N, Blenis JMol. Cell 2017-07-13.

Presence of diabetes autoantigens in extracellular vesicles derived from human islets.Hasilo CP, Negi S, Allaeys I, Cloutier N, Rutman AK, Gasparrini M, Bonneil É, Thibault P, Boilard É, Paraskevas SSci Rep 2017-07-10;7(1):5000.

CLMSVault: A Software Suite for Protein Cross-Linking Mass-Spectrometry Data Analysis and Visualization.Courcelles M, Coulombe-Huntington J, Cossette É, Gingras AC, Thibault P, Tyers MJ. Proteome Res. 2017-07-07;16(7):2645-2652.

RNA-MoIP: prediction of RNA secondary structure and local 3D motifs from sequence data.Yao J, Reinharz V, Major F, Waldispühl JNucleic Acids Res. 2017-07-03;45(W1):W440-W444.

AML1-ETO requires enhanced C/D box snoRNA/RNP formation to induce self-renewal and leukaemia.Zhou F, Liu Y, Rohde C, Pauli C, Gerloff D, Köhn M, Misiak D, Bäumer N, Cui C, Göllner S, Oellerich T, Serve H, Garcia-Cuellar MP, Slany R, Maciejewski JP, Przychodzen B, Seliger B, Klein HU, Bartenhagen C, Berdel WE, Dugas M, Taketo MM, Farouq D, Schwartz S, Regev A, Hébert J, Sauvageau G, Pabst C, Hüttelmaier S, Müller-Tidow CNat. Cell Biol. 2017-07-01;19(7):844-855.

EPCR expression marks UM171-expanded CD34(+) cord blood stem cells.Fares I, Chagraoui J, Lehnertz B, MacRae T, Mayotte N, Tomellini E, Aubert L, Roux PP, Sauvageau GBlood 2017-06-22;129(25):3344-3351.

Visualization of Endogenous ERK1/2 in Cells with a Bioorthogonal Covalent Probe.Sipthorp J, Lebraud H, Gilley R, Kidger AM, Okkenhaug H, Saba-El-Leil M, Meloche S, Caunt CJ, Cook SJ, Heightman TDBioconjug. Chem. 2017-06-21;28(6):1677-1683.

Several inhibitors of the Plk1 Polo-Box Domain turn out to be non-specific protein alkylators.Archambault V, Normandin KCell Cycle 2017-06-18;16(12):1220-1224.

A biochemical framework for eIF4E-dependent mRNA export and nuclear recycling of the export machinery.Volpon L, Culjkovic-Kraljacic B, Sohn HS, Blanchet-Cohen A, Osborne MJ, Borden KLBRNA 2017-06-01;23(6):927-937.

Mining Cancer Transcriptomes: Bioinformatic Tools and the Remaining Challenges.Milan T, Wilhelm BTMol Diagn Ther 2017-06-01;21(3):249-258.

Detection of IKKε by immunohistochemistry in primary breast cancer: association with EGFR expression and absence of lymph node metastasis.Williams V, Grosset AA, Zamorano Cuervo N, St-Pierre Y, Sylvestre MP, Gaboury L, Grandvaux NBMC Cancer 2017-05-22;17(1):356.

Actin cortex architecture regulates cell surface tension.Chugh P, Clark AG, Smith MB, Cassani DAD, Dierkes K, Ragab A, Roux PP, Charras G, Salbreux G, Paluch EKNat. Cell Biol. 2017-05-22.

Synthetic Genomics: Rewriting the Genome Chromosome by Chromosome.van der Sloot A, Tyers MMol. Cell 2017-05-18;66(4):441-443.

Electrostatic melting in a single-molecule field-effect transistor with applications in genomic identification.Vernick S, Trocchia SM, Warren SB, Young EF, Bouilly D, Gonzalez RL, Nuckolls C, Shepard KLNat Commun 2017-05-18;8:15450.

Defining the role of the RSK isoforms in cancer.Houles T, Roux PPSemin. Cancer Biol. 2017-05-02.

SMARCD2 subunit of SWI/SNF chromatin-remodeling complexes mediates granulopoiesis through a CEBPɛ dependent mechanism.Priam P, Krasteva V, Rousseau P, D'Angelo G, Gaboury L, Sauvageau G, Lessard JANat. Genet. 2017-05-01;49(5):753-764.

Purinergic Receptor Transactivation by the β2-Adrenergic Receptor Increases Intracellular Ca(2+) in Nonexcitable Cells.Stallaert W, van der Westhuizen ET, Schönegge AM, Plouffe B, Hogue M, Lukashova V, Inoue A, Ishida S, Aoki J, Le Gouill C, Bouvier MMol. Pharmacol. 2017-05-01;91(5):533-544.

Machine Learning of Global Phosphoproteomic Profiles Enables Discrimination of Direct versus Indirect Kinase Substrates.Kanshin E, Giguère S, Jing C, Tyers M, Thibault PMol. Cell Proteomics 2017-05-01;16(5):786-798.

Predicting phenotype from genotype: Improving accuracy through more robust experimental and computational modeling.Gallion J, Koire A, Katsonis P, Schoenegge AM, Bouvier M, Lichtarge OHum. Mutat. 2017-05-01;38(5):569-580.

Deubiquitinating Enzyme USP20 Regulates Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinase 3 Stability and Biological Activity.Mathien S, Déléris P, Soulez M, Voisin L, Meloche SMol. Cell. Biol. 2017-05-01;37(9).

RNA-Puzzles Round III: 3D RNA structure prediction of five riboswitches and one ribozyme.Miao Z, Adamiak RW, Antczak M, Batey RT, Becka AJ, Biesiada M, Boniecki MJ, Bujnicki JM, Chen SJ, Cheng CY, Chou FC, Ferré-D'Amaré AR, Das R, Dawson WK, Ding F, Dokholyan NV, Dunin-Horkawicz S, Geniesse C, Kappel K, Kladwang W, Krokhotin A, Łach GE, Major F, Mann TH, Magnus M, Pachulska-Wieczorek K, Patel DJ, Piccirilli JA, Popenda M, Purzycka KJ, Ren A, Rice GM, Santalucia J, Sarzynska J, Szachniuk M, Tandon A, Trausch JJ, Tian S, Wang J, Weeks KM, Williams B, Xiao Y, Xu X, Zhang D, Zok T, Westhof ERNA 2017-05-01;23(5):655-672.

MCM2: An alternative to Ki-67 for measuring breast cancer cell proliferation.Yousef EM, Furrer D, Laperriere DL, Tahir MR, Mader S, Diorio C, Gaboury LAMod. Pathol. 2017-05-01;30(5):682-697.

Modeling human MLL-AF9 translocated acute myeloid leukemia from single donors reveals RET as a potential therapeutic target.Barabé F, Gil L, Celton M, Bergeron A, Lamontagne V, Roques É, Lagacé K, Forest A, Johnson R, Pécheux L, Simard J, Pelloux J, Bellemare-Pelletier A, Gagnon E, Hébert J, Cellot S, Wilhelm BTLeukemia 2017-05-01;31(5):1166-1176.

A new inhibitor of the β-arrestin/AP2 endocytic complex reveals interplay between GPCR internalization and signalling.Beautrait A, Paradis JS, Zimmerman B, Giubilaro J, Nikolajev L, Armando S, Kobayashi H, Yamani L, Namkung Y, Heydenreich FM, Khoury E, Audet M, Roux PP, Veprintsev DB, Laporte SA, Bouvier MNat Commun 2017-04-18;8:15054.

Single-cell profiling reveals that eRNA accumulation at enhancer-promoter loops is not required to sustain transcription.Rahman S, Zorca CE, Traboulsi T, Noutahi E, Krause MR, Mader S, Zenklusen DNucleic Acids Res. 2017-04-07;45(6):3017-3030.

DAF-18/PTEN signals through AAK-1/AMPK to inhibit MPK-1/MAPK in feedback control of germline stem cell proliferation.Narbonne P, Maddox PS, Labbé JCPLoS Genet. 2017-04-01;13(4):e1006738.

Time-resolved Phosphoproteome Analysis of Paradoxical RAF Activation Reveals Novel Targets of ERK.Kubiniok P, Lavoie H, Therrien M, Thibault PMol. Cell Proteomics 2017-04-01;16(4):663-679.

Targeting a Proteinase-Activated Receptor 4 (PAR4) Carboxyl Terminal Motif to Regulate Platelet Function.Ramachandran R, Mihara K, Thibeault P, Vanderboor CM, Petri B, Saifeddine M, Bouvier M, Hollenberg MDMol. Pharmacol. 2017-04-01;91(4):287-295.

Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinases 1 and 2 Phosphorylate Gab2 To Promote a Negative-Feedback Loop That Attenuates Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase/Akt Signaling.Zhang X, Lavoie G, Méant A, Aubert L, Cargnello M, Haman A, Hoang T, Roux PPMol. Cell. Biol. 2017-04-01;37(7).

The BAF45a/PHF10 subunit of SWI/SNF-like chromatin remodeling complexes is essential for hematopoietic stem cell maintenance.Krasteva V, Crabtree GR, Lessard JAExp. Hematol. 2017-04-01;48:58-71.e15.

Discovery of G Protein-Biased Dopaminergics with a Pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyridine Substructure.Möller D, Banerjee A, Uzuneser TC, Skultety M, Huth T, Plouffe B, Hübner H, Alzheimer C, Friedland K, Müller CP, Bouvier M, Gmeiner PJ. Med. Chem. 2017-03-22.

Systematic protein-protein interaction mapping for clinically relevant human GPCRs.Sokolina K, Kittanakom S, Snider J, Kotlyar M, Maurice P, Gandía J, Benleulmi-Chaachoua A, Tadagaki K, Oishi A, Wong V, Malty RH, Deineko V, Aoki H, Amin S, Yao Z, Morató X, Otasek D, Kobayashi H, Menendez J, Auerbach D, Angers S, Pržulj N, Bouvier M, Babu M, Ciruela F, Jockers R, Jurisica I, Stagljar IMol. Syst. Biol. 2017-03-15;13(3):918.

Multimodal and Polymorphic Interactions between Anillin and Actin: Their Implications for Cytokinesis.Jananji S, Risi C, Lindamulage IK, Picard LP, Van Sciver R, Laflamme G, Albaghjati A, Hickson GR, Kwok BH, Galkin VEJ. Mol. Biol. 2017-03-10;429(5):715-731.

Distinct conformations of GPCR-β-arrestin complexes mediate desensitization, signaling, and endocytosis.Cahill TJ, Thomsen AR, Tarrasch JT, Plouffe B, Nguyen AH, Yang F, Huang LY, Kahsai AW, Bassoni DL, Gavino BJ, Lamerdin JE, Triest S, Shukla AK, Berger B, Little J, Antar A, Blanc A, Qu CX, Chen X, Kawakami K, Inoue A, Aoki J, Steyaert J, Sun JP, Bouvier M, Skiniotis G, Lefkowitz RJProc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2017-03-07;114(10):2562-2567.

Studying Dynamic Plasma Membrane Binding of TCR-CD3 Chains During Immunological Synapse Formation Using Donor-Quenching FRET and FLIM-FRET.Gagnon E, Connolly A, Dobbins J, Wucherpfennig KWMethods Mol. Biol. 2017-03-03;1584:259-289.

Bringing a Leukemic Stem Cell Gene Signature into Clinics: Are We There Yet?Richard-Carpentier G, Sauvageau GCell Stem Cell 2017-03-02;20(3):300-301.

Non-autonomous role of Cdc42 in cell-cell communication during collective migration.Colombié N, Choesmel-Cadamuro V, Series J, Emery G, Wang X, Ramel DDev. Biol. 2017-03-01;423(1):12-18.

A novel approach for the identification of efficient combination therapies in primary human acute myeloid leukemia specimens.Baccelli I, Krosl J, Boucher G, Boivin I, Lavallée VP, Hébert J, Lemieux S, Marinier A, Sauvageau GBlood Cancer J 2017-02-17;7(2):e529.

Major vs minor histocompatibility antigens.Roy DC, Perreault CBlood 2017-02-09;129(6):664-666.

KCTD Hetero-oligomers Confer Unique Kinetic Properties on Hippocampal GABAB Receptor-Induced K+ Currents.Fritzius T, Turecek R, Seddik R, Kobayashi H, Tiao J, Rem PD, Metz M, Kralikova M, Bouvier M, Gassmann M, Bettler BJ. Neurosci. 2017-02-01;37(5):1162-1175.

Proteomics Screen Identifies Class I Rab11 Family Interacting Proteins as Key Regulators of Cytokinesis.Laflamme C, Galan JA, Ben El Kadhi K, Méant A, Zeledon C, Carréno S, Roux PP, Emery GMol. Cell. Biol. 2017-02-01;37(3).

Distinct signaling programs control human hematopoietic stem cell survival and proliferation.Knapp DJ, Hammond CA, Aghaeepour N, Miller PH, Pellacani D, Beer PA, Sachs K, Qiao W, Wang W, Humphries RK, Sauvageau G, Zandstra PW, Bendall SC, Nolan GP, Hansen C, Eaves CJBlood 2017-01-19;129(3):307-318.

Uncovering the SUMOylation and ubiquitylation crosstalk in human cells using sequential peptide immunopurification.Lamoliatte F, McManus FP, Maarifi G, Chelbi-Alix MK, Thibault PNat Commun 2017-01-18;8:14109.

The BioC-BioGRID corpus: full text articles annotated for curation of protein-protein and genetic interactions.Islamaj Doğan R, Kim S, Chatr-Aryamontri A, Chang CS, Oughtred R, Rust J, Wilbur WJ, Comeau DC, Dolinski K, Tyers MDatabase (Oxford) 2017-01-10;2017.

Acetylation of PCNA Sliding Surface by Eco1 Promotes Genome Stability through Homologous Recombination.Billon P, Li J, Lambert JP, Chen Y, Tremblay V, Brunzelle JS, Gingras AC, Verreault A, Sugiyama T, Couture JF, Côté JMol. Cell 2017-01-05;65(1):78-90.

Blockade of protease-activated receptor-4 (PAR4) provides robust antithrombotic activity with low bleeding.Wong PC, Seiffert D, Bird JE, Watson CA, Bostwick JS, Giancarli M, Allegretto N, Hua J, Harden D, Guay J, Callejo M, Miller MM, Lawrence RM, Banville J, Guy J, Maxwell BD, Priestley ES, Marinier A, Wexler RR, Bouvier M, Gordon DA, Schumacher WA, Yang JSci Transl Med 2017-01-04;9(371).

The BioGRID interaction database: 2017 update.Chatr-Aryamontri A, Oughtred R, Boucher L, Rust J, Chang C, Kolas NK, O'Donnell L, Oster S, Theesfeld C, Sellam A, Stark C, Breitkreutz BJ, Dolinski K, Tyers MNucleic Acids Res. 2017-01-04;45(D1):D369-D379.

An allosteric conduit facilitates dynamic multisite substrate recognition by the SCF(Cdc4) ubiquitin ligase.Csizmok V, Orlicky S, Cheng J, Song J, Bah A, Delgoshaie N, Lin H, Mittag T, Sicheri F, Chan HS, Tyers M, Forman-Kay JDNat Commun 2017-01-03;8:13943.

Isolation of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Lines in the Study of ERK1/2 MAP Kinase Signaling.Saba-El-Leil MK, Frémin C, Meloche SMethods Mol. Biol. 2017-01-01;1487:243-253.

How Genetics Has Helped Piece Together the MAPK Signaling Pathway.Ashton-Beaucage D, Therrien MMethods Mol. Biol. 2017-01-01;1487:1-21.

Older adults with heart failure treated with carvedilol, bisoprolol, or metoprolol tartrate: risk of mortality.Perreault S, de Denus S, White M, White-Guay B, Bouvier M, Dorais M, Dubé MP, Rouleau JL, Tardif JC, Jenna S, Haibe-Kains B, Leduc R, Deblois DPharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf 2017-01-01;26(1):81-90.

Production and Purification of Antibodies Against Histone Modifications.Guillemette B, Hammond-Martel I, Wurtele H, Verreault AMethods Mol. Biol. 2017-01-01;1528:149-164.

Human NUP98-HOXA9 promotes hyperplastic growth of hematopoietic tissues in Drosophila.Baril C, Gavory G, Bidla G, Knævelsrud H, Sauvageau G, Therrien MDev. Biol. 2017-01-01;421(1):16-26.

Inhibition of RAS function through targeting an allosteric regulatory site.Spencer-Smith R, Koide A, Zhou Y, Eguchi RR, Sha F, Gajwani P, Santana D, Gupta A, Jacobs M, Herrero-Garcia E, Cobbert J, Lavoie H, Smith M, Rajakulendran T, Dowdell E, Okur MN, Dementieva I, Sicheri F, Therrien M, Hancock JF, Ikura M, Koide S, O'Bryan JPNat. Chem. Biol. 2017-01-01;13(1):62-68.

Antiestrogens: structure-activity relationships and use in breast cancer treatment.Traboulsi T, El Ezzy M, Gleason JL, Mader SJ. Mol. Endocrinol. 2017-01-01;58(1):R15-R31.

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