IRIC discoveries have spurred major advances in understanding the development of cancer and opened the way to the creation of new, more targeted therapeutic solutions. Its publications are a reflection of these accomplishments. They also demonstrate the Institute’s drive and productivity.

Local changes in lipid environment of TCR microclusters regulate membrane binding by the CD3{varepsilon} cytoplasmic domain.Gagnon E, Schubert DA, Gordo S, Chu HH, Wucherpfennig KWJ. Exp. Med. 2012-12-17;209(13):2423-39.

MALT1 Small Molecule Inhibitors Specifically Suppress ABC-DLBCL In Vitro and In Vivo.Fontan L, Yang C, Kabaleeswaran V, Volpon L, Osborne MJ, Beltran E, Garcia M, Cerchietti L, Shaknovich R, Yang SN, Fang F, Gascoyne RD, Martinez-Climent JA, Glickman JF, Borden K, Wu H, Melnick ACancer Cell 2012-12-11;22(6):812-24.

The BAF53a subunit of SWI/SNF-like BAF complexes is essential for hemopoietic stem cell function.Krasteva V, Buscarlet M, Diaz-Tellez A, Bernard MA, Crabtree GR, Lessard JABlood 2012-12-06;120(24):4720-32.

CENP-A: the key player behind centromere identity, propagation, and kinetochore assembly.De Rop V, Padeganeh A, Maddox PSChromosoma 2012-12-01;121(6):527-38.

β-Selection-Induced Proliferation Is Required for αβ T Cell Differentiation.Kreslavsky T, Gleimer M, Miyazaki M, Choi Y, Gagnon E, Murre C, Sicinski P, von Boehmer HImmunity 2012-11-16;37(5):840-53.

Alternative RISC assembly: binding and repression of microRNA-mRNA duplexes by human Ago proteins.Janas MM, Wang B, Harris AS, Aguiar M, Shaffer JM, Subrahmanyam YV, Behlke MA, Wucherpfennig KW, Gygi SP, Gagnon E, Novina CDRNA 2012-11-01;18(11):2041-55.

Phosphorylation of the Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 4E-Transporter (4E-T) by c-Jun N-Terminal Kinase Promotes Stress-Dependent P-Body Assembly.Cargnello M, Tcherkezian J, Dorn JF, Huttlin EL, Maddox PS, Gygi SP, Roux PPMol. Cell. Biol. 2012-11-01;32(22):4572-84.

Polar body cytokinesis.Maddox AS, Azoury J, Dumont JCytoskeleton (Hoboken) 2012-11-01;69(11):855-68.

Proteomic characterization of phagosomal membrane microdomains during phagolysosome biogenesis and evolution.Goyette G, Boulais J, Carruthers NJ, Landry CR, Jutras I, Duclos S, Dermine JF, Michnick SW, LaBoissière S, Lajoie G, Barreiro L, Thibault P, Desjardins MMol. Cell Proteomics 2012-11-01;11(11):1365-77.

Regulation of mRNA translation by signaling pathways.Roux PP, Topisirovic ICold Spring Harb Perspect Biol 2012-11-01;4(11).

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