IRIC discoveries have spurred major advances in understanding the development of cancer and opened the way to the creation of new, more targeted therapeutic solutions. Its publications are a reflection of these accomplishments. They also demonstrate the Institute’s drive and productivity.

Two fundamentally distinct PCNA interaction peptides contribute to chromatin assembly factor 1 function.Rolef Ben-Shahar T, Castillo AG, Osborne MJ, Borden KL, Kornblatt J, Verreault AMol. Cell. Biol. 2009-12-01;29(24):6353-65.

Kinetic characterization of recombinant mouse retinal dehydrogenase types 3 and 4 for retinal substrates.Sima A, Parisotto M, Mader S, Bhat PVBiochim. Biophys. Acta 2009-12-01;1790(12):1660-4.

A mechanism of nucleocytoplasmic trafficking for the homeodomain protein PRH.Ploski JE, Topisirovic I, Park KW, Borden KL, Radu AMol. Cell. Biochem. 2009-12-01;332(1-2):173-81.

NanoLC-MS/MS analyses of urinary desmosine, hydroxylysylpyridinoline and lysylpyridinoline as biomarkers for chronic graft-versus-host disease.Boutin M, Ahmad I, Jauhiainen M, Lachapelle N, Rondeau C, Roy J, Thibault PAnal. Chem. 2009-11-15;81(22):9454-61.

Recognition and coupling of A-to-I edited sites are determined by the tertiary structure of the RNA.Ensterö M, Daniel C, Wahlstedt H, Major F, Ohman MNucleic Acids Res. 2009-11-01;37(20):6916-26.

MAP kinase signaling antagonizes PAR-1 function during polarization of the early Caenorhabditis elegans embryo.Spilker AC, Rabilotta A, Zbinden C, Labbé JC, Gotta MGenetics 2009-11-01;183(3):965-77.

Ligand-dependent corepressor LCoR is an attenuator of progesterone-regulated gene expression.Palijan A, Fernandes I, Verway M, Kourelis M, Bastien Y, Tavera-Mendoza LE, Sacheli A, Bourdeau V, Mader S, White JHJ. Biol. Chem. 2009-10-30;284(44):30275-87.

Function of histone deacetylase 6 as a cofactor of nuclear receptor coregulator LCoR.Palijan A, Fernandes I, Bastien Y, Tang L, Verway M, Kourelis M, Tavera-Mendoza LE, Li Z, Bourdeau V, Mader S, Yang XJ, White JHJ. Biol. Chem. 2009-10-30;284(44):30264-74.

Vasopressin Type 2 Receptor V88M Mutation: Molecular Basis of Partial and Complete Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus.Bockenhauer D, Carpentier E, Rochdi D, Van't Hoff W, Breton B, Bernier V, Bouvier M, Bichet DGNephron Physiol 2009-10-08;114(1):p1-p10.

New metrics for comparing and assessing discrepancies between RNA 3D structures and models.Parisien M, Cruz JA, Westhof E, Major FRNA 2009-10-01;15(10):1875-85.

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