IRIC discoveries have spurred major advances in understanding the development of cancer and opened the way to the creation of new, more targeted therapeutic solutions. Its publications are a reflection of these accomplishments. They also demonstrate the Institute’s drive and productivity.

Killer granzyme B linked to N-myc- and c-myc-dependent HSC survival: isn't that comyc?Sauvageau G, Perreault CCell Stem Cell 2008-12-04;3(6):579-80.

Activation loop phosphorylation of the atypical MAP kinases ERK3 and ERK4 is required for binding, activation and cytoplasmic relocalization of MK5.Déléris P, Rousseau J, Coulombe P, Rodier G, Tanguay PL, Meloche SJ. Cell. Physiol. 2008-12-01;217(3):778-88.

Rapamycin differentially inhibits S6Ks and 4E-BP1 to mediate cell-type-specific repression of mRNA translation.Choo AY, Yoon SO, Kim SG, Roux PP, Blenis JProc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2008-11-11;105(45):17414-9.

Roux-en-Y diversion for intractable reflux after esophagectomy.D'Journo XB, Martin J, Gaboury L, Ferraro P, Duranceau AAnn. Thorac. Surg. 2008-11-01;86(5):1646-52.

Expression of G protein-coupled receptor kinase 4 is associated with breast cancer tumourigenesis.Matsubayashi J, Takanashi M, Oikawa K, Fujita K, Tanaka M, Xu M, De Blasi A, Bouvier M, Kinoshita M, Kuroda M, Mukai KJ. Pathol. 2008-11-01;216(3):317-27.

Pondering the puzzle of PML (promyelocytic leukemia) nuclear bodies: can we fit the pieces together using an RNA regulon?Borden KLBiochim. Biophys. Acta 2008-11-01;1783(11):2145-54.

Ribavirin targets eIF4E dependent Akt survival signaling.Tan K, Culjkovic B, Amri A, Borden KLBiochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 2008-10-24;375(3):341-5.

Evidence for Hox and E2A-PBX1 collaboration in mouse T-cell leukemia.Bijl J, Krosl J, Lebert-Ghali CE, Vacher J, Mayotte N, Sauvageau GOncogene 2008-10-23;27(49):6356-64.

C. elegans Brat homologs regulate PAR protein-dependent polarity and asymmetric cell division.Hyenne V, Desrosiers M, Labbé JCDev. Biol. 2008-09-15;321(2):368-78.

Oncogenic MAPK signaling stimulates mTORC1 activity by promoting RSK-mediated raptor phosphorylation.Carrière A, Cargnello M, Julien LA, Gao H, Bonneil E, Thibault P, Roux PPCurr. Biol. 2008-09-09;18(17):1269-77.

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