IRIC discoveries have spurred major advances in understanding the development of cancer and opened the way to the creation of new, more targeted therapeutic solutions. Its publications are a reflection of these accomplishments. They also demonstrate the Institute’s drive and productivity.

NF45 and NF90 Regulate Mitotic Gene Expression by Competing with Staufen-Mediated mRNA Decay.Nourreddine S, Lavoie G, Paradis J, Ben El Kadhi K, Méant A, Aubert L, Grondin B, Gendron P, Chabot B, Bouvier M, Carreno S, Roux PPCell Rep 2020-05-19;31(7):107660.

Pharmacological inhibition of PRMT7 links arginine monomethylation to the cellular stress response.Szewczyk MM, Ishikawa Y, Organ S, Sakai N, Li F, Halabelian L, Ackloo S, Couzens AL, Eram M, Dilworth D, Fukushi H, Harding R, Dela Seña CC, Sugo T, Hayashi K, McLeod D, Zepeda C, Aman A, Sánchez-Osuna M, Bonneil E, Takagi S, Al-Awar R, Tyers M, Richard S, Takizawa M, Gingras AC, Arrowsmith CH, Vedadi M, Brown PJ, Nara H, Barsyte-Lovejoy DNat Commun 2020-05-14;11(1):2396.

Altered microRNA expression links IL6 and TNF-induced inflammaging with myeloid malignancy.Grants JM, Wegrzyn-Woltosz J, Hui T, O'Neill K, Shadbolt M, Knapp DJHF, Parker JD, Deng D, Gopal A, Docking TR, Fuller M, Li J, Boldin M, Eaves CJ, Hirst M, Karsan ABlood 2020-05-08.

A targetable cue in T-cell malignancy.Gerby B, Hoang TBlood 2020-05-07;135(19):1616-1617.

RNA-Puzzles Round IV: 3D structure predictions of four ribozymes and two aptamers.Miao Z, Adamiak RW, Antczak M, Boniecki MJ, Bujnicki JM, Chen SJ, Cheng CY, Cheng Y, Chou FC, Das R, Dokholyan NV, Ding F, Geniesse C, Jiang Y, Joshi A, Krokhotin A, Magnus M, Mailhot O, Major F, Mann TH, Piatkowski P, Pluta R, Popenda M, Sarzynska J, Sun L, Szachniuk M, Tian S, Wang J, Wang J, Watkins AM, Wiedemann J, Xiao Y, Xu X, Yesselman JD, Zhang D, Zhang Y, Zhang Z, Zhao C, Zhao P, Zhou Y, Zok T, Zyla A, Ren A, Batey RT, Golden BL, Huang L, Lilley DM, Liu Y, Patel DJ, Westhof ERNA 2020-05-05.

Widespread and tissue-specific expression of endogenous retroelements in human somatic tissues.Larouche JD, Trofimov A, Hesnard L, Ehx G, Zhao Q, Vincent K, Durette C, Gendron P, Laverdure JP, Bonneil E, Côté C, Lemieux S, Thibault P, Perreault CGenome Med 2020-04-28;12(1):40.

Controversies around the function of LARP1.Berman AJ, Thoreen CC, Dedeic Z, Chettle J, Roux PP, Blagden SPRNA Biol 2020-04-17:1-11.

Telomere dysfunction cooperates with epigenetic alterations to impair murine embryonic stem cell fate commitment.Criqui M, Qamra A, Chu TW, Sharma M, Tsao J, Henry DA, Barsyte-Lovejoy D, Arrowsmith CH, Winegarden N, Lupien M, Harrington LElife 2020-04-16;9.

Imipridone Anticancer Compounds Ectopically Activate the ClpP Protease and Represent a New Scaffold for Antibiotic Development.Jacques S, van der Sloot AM, C Huard C, Coulombe-Huntington J, Tsao S, Tollis S, Bertomeu T, Culp EJ, Pallant D, Cook MA, Bonneil E, Thibault P, Wright GD, Tyers MGenetics 2020-04-15;214(4):1103-1120.

The miR-185/PAK6 Axis Predicts Therapy Response and Regulates Survival of Drug-Resistant Leukemic Stem Cells in CML.Lin H, Rothe K, Chen M, Wu A, Babaian A, Yen R, Zeng J, Ruschmann J, Petriv OI, O'Neill K, Maetzig T, Knapp DJHF, Nakamichi N, Brinkman R, Birol I, Forrest DL, Hansen C, Humphries KK, Eaves CJ, Jiang XBlood 2020-04-09.

Structural Insight into G Protein-Coupled Receptor Signaling Efficacy and Bias between Gs and β-Arrestin.Picard LP, Schonegge AM, Bouvier MACS Pharmacol Transl Sci 2020-04-09;2(3):148-154.

H3K79me2/3 controls enhancer-promoter interactions and activation of the pan-cancer stem cell marker PROM1/CD133 in MLL-AF4 leukemia cells.Godfrey L, Crump NT, O'Byrne S, Lau IJ, Rice S, Harman JR, Jackson T, Elliott N, Buck G, Connor C, Thorne R, Knapp DJHF, Heidenreich O, Vyas P, Menendez P, Inglott S, Ancliff P, Geng H, Roberts I, Roy A, Milne TALeukemia 2020-04-03.

Editorial overview: The instability of the cancer genome: it starts at the end.Harrington L, Baird DMCurr. Opin. Genet. Dev. 2020-04-03.

MAPDP: A Cloud-Based Computational Platform for Immunopeptidomics Analyses.Courcelles M, Durette C, Daouda T, Laverdure JP, Vincent K, Lemieux S, Perreault C, Thibault PJ. Proteome Res. 2020-04-03;19(4):1873-1881.

Proteogenomics Uncovers a Vast Repertoire of Shared Tumor-Specific Antigens in Ovarian Cancer.Zhao Q, Laverdure JP, Lanoix J, Durette C, Côté C, Bonneil E, Laumont CM, Gendron P, Vincent K, Courcelles M, Lemieux S, Millar DG, Ohashi PS, Thibault P, Perreault CCancer Immunol Res 2020-04-03;8(4):544-555.

Interplay of ubiquitin like modifiers following arsenic trioxide treatment.Rinfret Robert C, McManus FP, Lamoliatte F, Thibault PJ. Proteome Res. 2020-03-31.

Conditional switching of KIF2A mutation provides new insights into cortical malformation pathogeny.Gilet JG, Ivanova EL, Trofimova D, Rudolf G, Meziane H, Broix L, Drouot N, Courraud J, Skory V, Voulleminot P, Osipenko M, Bahi-Buisson N, Yalcin B, Birling MC, Hinckelmann MV, Kwok BH, Allingham JS, Chelly JHum. Mol. Genet. 2020-03-31;29(5):766-784.

Extracellular vesicles derived from injured vascular tissue promote the formation of tertiary lymphoid structures in vascular allografts.Dieudé M, Turgeon J, Karakeussian Rimbaud A, Beillevaire D, Qi S, Patey N, Gaboury LA, Boilard E, Hébert MJAm. J. Transplant. 2020-03-20;20(3):726-738.

Major multilevel molecular divergence between THP-1 cells from different biorepositories.Noronha N, Ehx G, Meunier MC, Laverdure JP, Thériault C, Perreault CInt. J. Cancer 2020-03-19.

Cross-talk between SUMOylation and ISGylation in response to interferon.El-Asmi F, McManus FP, Brantis-de-Carvalho CE, Valle-Casuso JC, Thibault P, Chelbi-Alix MKCytokine 2020-02-17;129:155025.

Quantitative SUMO proteomics identifies PIAS1 substrates involved in cell migration and motility.Li C, McManus FP, Plutoni C, Pascariu CM, Nelson T, Alberici Delsin LE, Emery G, Thibault PNat Commun 2020-02-14;11(1):834.

High frequency of germline RUNX1 mutations in RUNX1 mutated AML patients.Simon L, Spinella JF, Yao CY, Lavallée VP, Boivin I, Boucher G, Audemard E, Bordeleau ME, Lemieux S, Hebert J, Sauvageau GBlood 2020-02-13.

Qualitative Changes in Cortical Thymic Epithelial Cells Drive Postpartum Thymic Regeneration.Dumont-Lagacé M, Daouda T, Depoërs L, Zumer J, Benslimane Y, Brochu S, Harrington L, Lemieux S, Perreault CFront Immunol 2020-02-11;10:3118.

Beta-arrestins operate an on/off control switch for focal adhesion kinase activity.Alexander RA, Lot I, Saha K, Abadie G, Lambert M, Decosta E, Kobayashi H, Beautrait A, Borrull A, Asnacios A, Bouvier M, Scott MGH, Marullo S, Enslen HCell. Mol. Life Sci. 2020-02-10.

Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation using single UM171-expanded cord blood: a single-arm, phase 1-2 safety and feasibility study.Cohen S, Roy J, Lachance S, Delisle JS, Marinier A, Busque L, Roy DC, Barabé F, Ahmad I, Bambace N, Bernard L, Kiss T, Bouchard P, Caudrelier P, Landais S, Larochelle F, Chagraoui J, Lehnertz B, Corneau S, Tomellini E, van Kampen JJA, Cornelissen JJ, Dumont-Lagacé M, Tanguay M, Li Q, Lemieux S, Zandstra PW, Sauvageau GLancet Haematol 2020-01-31;7(2):e134-e145.

F-Actin Interactome Reveals Vimentin as a Key Regulator of Actin Organization and Cell Mechanics in Mitosis.Serres MP, Samwer M, Truong Quang BA, Lavoie G, Perera U, Görlich D, Charras G, Petronczki M, Roux PP, Paluch EKDev. Cell 2020-01-29;52(2):210-222.e7.

Kinesin Kif2C in regulation of DNA double strand break dynamics and repair.Zhu S, Paydar M, Wang F, Li Y, Wang L, Barrette B, Bessho T, Kwok BH, Peng AElife 2020-01-21;9.

The Genomic Landscape of Antigenic Targets for T Cell-Based Leukemia Immunotherapy.Hardy MP, Vincent K, Perreault CFront Immunol 2020-01-13;10:2934.

Loss of DP1 Aggravates Vascular Remodeling in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension via mTORC1 Signaling.He Y, Zuo C, Jia D, Bai P, Kong D, Chen D, Liu G, Li J, Wang Y, Chen G, Yan S, Xiao B, Zhang J, Piao L, Li Y, Deng Y, Li B, Roux PP, Andreasson KI, Breyer RM, Su Y, Wang J, Lyu A, Shen Y, Yu YAm. J. Respir. Crit. Care Med. 2020-01-09.

Preservation of Post-Infarction Cardiac Structure and Function via Long-Term Oral Formyl Peptide Receptor Agonist Treatment.García RA, Ito BR, Lupisella JA, Carson NA, Hsu MY, Fernando G, Heroux M, Bouvier M, Dierks E, Kick EK, Gordon DA, Chen J, Mintier G, Carrier M, St-Onge S, Shah H, Towne J, Bucardo MS, Ma X, Ryan CS, Wurtz NR, Ostrowski J, Villarreal FJJACC Basic Transl Sci 2020-01-09;4(8):905-920.

Proteomic Analysis Reveals a Role for RSK in p120-catenin Phosphorylation and Melanoma Cell-Cell Adhesion.Méant A, Gao B, Lavoie G, Nourreddine S, Jung F, Aubert L, Tcherkezian J, Gingras AC, Roux PPMol. Cell Proteomics 2020-01-02;19(1):50-64.

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