Functional and Structural Bioinformatics

The functional and structural bioinformatics research unit is dedicating its efforts to the development of algorithms for the analysis of microarray and next-generation sequencing data. More specifically, our efforts are two-fold: first, developing data pre-treatment techniques to increase accuracy, and second, design approaches to better extract biologically sound knowledge from heterogeneous data sources (expression levels, splicing event, mutations, etc.).

The state of a cell can be described by the identity and abundance of mature mRNAs, such information can be obtained using RNA-seq or by microarray in the case of abundance alone. In both types of experiment, multiple analysis steps are required to transform raw signals into unbiased expression levels and any inappropriate assumptions introduced during these steps are bound to obscure later steps of analysis. By uncovering these biases and identifying their sources, we can either correct for them or provide new pre-treatment algorithms that remove these biases.

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