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Sébastien Lemieux, Ph.D.

  • Principal Investigator, Functional and Structural Bioinformatics research unit, IRIC
  • Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Department of biochemistry and molecular medicine, Université de Montréal

T + 514 343.6111, extension 0635
F + 514 343.5839

Research topic and relevance

Over the last few decades, molecular biology has seen a steady increase in the amount of observations that can be made in a single experiment. Today, complete human genomes are sequenced in a matter of a few days on a single instrument, a situation that has been compared to a tsunami of data over the scientific community. This exciting technological evolution has brought an unfortunate barrier: converting raw data into knowledge is no longer a task within reach of a human investigator. Bioinformatics is the field that has developed to fill this gap, essentially creating virtual “instruments” that will condense raw data into summarized forms that are more amenable to knowledge discovery.

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