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Anne Marinier, Ph.D.

  • Principal investigator and director of medicinal chemistry, IRIC
  • Associate professor, Department of Chemistry, Université de Montréal

T +  514 343.6111, ext. 17351
F + 514 343.7073

Research objective and importance

Anne Marinier and her team of chemists and biologists develop two components of research linked to drug discovery.
In a first component they design, synthesize and characterize new small molecules having biological or therapeutic activity in the area of cancer and other unmet medical needs.  Through in-depth structure-activity relationship studies, the therapeutic function of compounds known as hits, identified either during high-throughput screenings or else synthetically, is optimized to lead to compounds that are candidate for clinical trials.

The second research component bears on the design and synthesis of chemical libraries based on new structures belonging to unexplored chemical scaffolds. Following cell-based screenings, the hits coming from these libraries are used to identify new therapeutic targets following various biochemical and genetic strategies. Those new targets then play a key role in innovative therapeutic approaches to the treatment of cancer.

We invite you to view the broadcast about the project on multiplication of stem cells in a unit of cord blood on Radio-Canada. Click here (available only in French).

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