State-of-the-art instrumentation is used by the team in the synthesis, purification and analysis of new chemical structures:

  • Capillary liquid chromatography coupled with TOF and quadrapole mass spectrometry (LC/MS TOF, LC/MS Triple Quad and Simple Quad )
  • Analytical and Preparative High pressure liquid chromatography systems (HPLC)
  • Automated silica gel flash chromatography purification systems (ISCO, Biotage)
  • Microwave reactors (including autosampler) for high temperature reactions
  • High field NMR(Varian 400 MHz, 600 MHz)
  • In addition, an extensive inventory of commercial chemical reagents (currently >15,000) is available in-house.

All members of the team have access to an comprehensive list of e-journals online, as well as sophisticated literature searching tools and e-notebooks.

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