IRIC’s Biophysics core facility is equipped with the following technologies:

  • 600 MHz Varian Unity Inova spectrometer 
    • Four RF channels capable of performing multiple resonance and advanced multidimensional (up to 4D) experiments
    • 5mm triple resonance probe with triple axis pulsed field gradient coils, specifically for biomolecules, with 2H decoupling capability
    • 5mm dual broadband probe with single axis pulsed field gradient coils capable of detecting nuclei from 15N to 31PHCN coldprobe. Ideal for protein/RNA analysis, this probe is our default probe on the 600 MHZ system
  • 400 MHz MR Varian Automation System
    • Automated handling up to 96 samples
    • Two RF channels
    • 5mm OneNMR probe for extra 1H and 13C sensitivity
    • Capability to detect nuclei from 15N to 31P
  • Linux cluster running off 4 dual processor servers and 6 dual processor workstations (opteron CPU’s). Variety of softwares including XPLOR, ARIA, CYANA and CNS (all capable of running off multiple CPU’s), and other visualization softwares (NMRView, NMRPipe, NMRDraw, pymol, molmol)

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