Frédéric Bouchard, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the Université de Montréal

Dr. Guy Sauvageau, Principal Investigator, Molecular Genetics of Stem Cells research unit 

Anne Marinier, Principal Investigator and Director of medicinal chemistry at the IRIC

Philippe Roux, Principal Investigator at the IRIC

Nathalie Ouimet, Vice President of Montréal InVivo 

Valérie Patreau, Outremont City Councillor 

Guillaume Tambutet, Postdoctoral fellow at the IRIC 

Gilles Noël, Director, Research and Technology Transfer at the Université de Montréal  

Art Bertelsen, Vice President Research Collaborations, Bristol-Myers Squibb 

Ruth Wexler, Executive Director, Bristol-Myers Squibb