Discovering new, more effective therapies to conquer cancer

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada and is responsible for 30% of all deaths. The Canadian Cancer Society estimated 196,900 new cases of cancer and 78,000 deaths from cancer will occur in Canada in 2015.

Within a few decades only, scientific research has led to the development of treatments that have greatly increased the survival rate to certain types of cancers. However, medicine does not yet have solutions to most cancers. Future progress depends on basic research that allows a better understanding of the biological mechanisms that are perturbed in this disease.

An ultra-modern research hub and training centre located in the heart of Université de Montréal, the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC) was created in 2003 to shed light on the mechanisms of cancer and to discover new, more effective therapies to counter this plague.

IRIC operates according to a model that is unique in Canada. Its innovative approach to research has already led to discoveries that will, over the coming years, have a significant impact on the fight against cancer. In less than 10 years, IRIC has built a reputation for excellence within the Canadian and international scientific communities. Its team of nearly 500 dedicated members, each one convinced of the soundness of the Institute’s approach: complementary expertise, collaboration and community, combined with creativity and innovation, make up its winning formula for beating cancer.

IRIC – Vanquishing cancer differently

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