As part of the “Réflexion Science IRIC 2018” contest, close to 50 high-quality scientific artworks were submitted to the internal scientific promotion committee. Of this number, 8 were selected. Congratulations to the winners: Cédric Plutoni, Alizée Gouronnec, André Laperrière, Samuel Jacques, Chi-Yuan Yao, Lara Ellis, Camille de Jamblinne de Meux and Assya Trofimov.   

The selected works of art will be displayed at the Institute. Here is a glimpse of the photos.


Cédric Plutoni, Déplacement de l’actine du cytosquelette


Alizée Gouronnec, Phoenix


André Laperrière, Fibres actine


Samuel Jacques, Bioluminescence bactérienne


Chi-Yuan Yao, Dreamcatcher


Lara Ellis, Filaments


Camille de Jamblinne de Meux, Networker


Assya Trofimov, Perturbation



Absent from the photo: Assya Trofimov and André Laperriere