Krystel Vincent will participate in the 68th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, which will take place from June 24 to 29 in Germany. Selected by the Scientific Examination Committee of the event’s Council, she received the distinction by virtue of the scope of her work carried out with Céline Laumont on identifying targets on cancer cells in cancer immunology. That work resulted in decoding human DNA and the way in which to activate T cells in order for them to recognize and act more effectively against cancer cells.

Only the 600 most qualified young scientists are provided with the opportunity to share the unique atmosphere of these annual scientific meetings. A few dozen Nobel laureates are on hand for the occasion, to exchange ideas with the next generation of scientists, revolving around the three natural science Nobel Prize disciplines: physiology and medicine, chemistry, or physics. For six days, the purpose of the event is to foster exchange and the sharing of knowledge between different generations, disciplines and cultures.  

A student at the IRIC for 9 years, Krystel Vincent now holds a Ph.D. in immunology. She recently joined Claude Perreault’s lab as a research officer to continue her work on developing a therapeutic vaccine to fight cancer thanks to the immune system.