This summer, 18 students will have the chance this summer to conduct a research internship at the Institute, for 12 or 16 weeks and will receive an undergraduate research award, a value of $4,250 or $5,670.

This opportunity is made possible thanks to 2018 IRIC Next Generation Awards, the financial contribution from a few of the IRIC’s Principal Investigators and the funds raised by the IRIC Great Challenges, a sporting and philanthropic event benefiting the Institute.

Congratulations to the winners!

From left to right:  Valia Sofia Carmona Reyes (UdeM), Rebecca Tian (Queen’s University), Chloé Villeneuve (UdeM), Anouk Béraud (UdeM), Thomas MacDougall (UdeM), Camille Laliberté (UdeM), Thomas Sonea (UdeM), Souhir Hendis (UdeM), Dunia Almelhm (Concordia University), Francis Dilauro (UdeM), Selma Salik (UdeM), Yohann Pilon (UdeM), Sarah Eisinga (University of Otttawa), Jenna Cleyle (McGill University), Brittany Solomon (York University), Mohamed Réda Zellag (UdeM), Sergey Kens (University of Saskatchewan) and Brenden Kadota (McGill University).

Every year, this program is offered to students (Canadians or permanent residents) in undergraduate programs. Many research projects are offered: immunotherapy, cell division, cell signaling, gene expression, stem cells and leukemia, drug discovery, development of diagnostic tools, cell modeling.