On May 12th, 50 IRIC students gathered with other students and researchers for the UdeM Faculty of Medecine Molecular Biology Program’s Scientific Day.

This event was an opportunity for Master’s and PhD students to present their works with oral and poster presentations. Our students won 3 of the 10 prizes awarded that day for the quality of the presentations.

Congratulations to IRIC’s laureates (from left to right) : Sami Nourredine, Antoine Méant et Vincent-Philippe Lavallée.

Furthermore, a few days before the announcement, another IRIC student, Tatiana Traboulsi received the Simon-Pierre Noël award, during the research day of the same name of the Département de biochimie et médecine moléculaire of UdeM’s Faculty of Medecine. It is the first award among the three that were given out.