For the fourth consecutive year, the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC) of the Université de Montréal welcomed the winners of the IRIC Next Generation Internship Awards program scholarship. In recognition of their keen interest in cancer research and of their academic excellence, 18 students were offered a 12-week internship at IRIC, complemented by a $4,250 award. These awards are offered through the generous contributions of donors to the IRIC Perseverance Challenge Fund and an exceptional donation from the Fondation Famille Gosselin.

“This year, we received a record number of 176 applications from across Canada. The number and high quality of applications have made the selection process extremely difficult, sometimes heartbreaking. Overall, we are confident that selected students have the necessary skills to succeed in the field of biomedical research. Members of IRIC would like to congratulate the 18 winners of the 2014 IRIC Next Generation Internship Awards” said Martine Raymond, Principal Investigator and Director of Academic Affairs at IRIC.

“The main objective of this program is to offer trainees a full immersion experience and have the chance to experience something that goes beyond laboratory work in the field of academia research in order to inspire them to pursue graduate training. In addition to the internship projects that allow them to be actively involved in our research activities, students are invited to partake in the variety of activities offered at the Institute such as lab meetings, our Summer School in Systems Biology, our Scientific Day, our Annual Student Recruitment Event, the scientific conferences and the social activities organized by IRIC’s student association (AEIRIC)” explains Patrick Lacasse, project manager of Academic Affairs at IRIC.

IRIC wishes to express its gratitude to all participants and donors to the Perseverance Challenge, a fundraiser organized under the Défis du Parc national de la Mauricie (Mauricie National Park Challenges) and highlighting the outstanding commitment of the Équipe féminine du Parc. In addition, the Institute would like to acknowledge the generosity of the Fondation Famille Gosselin. These contributions to the IRIC are an invaluable added value to research on cancer.

Since 2010, the IRIC Perseverance Challenge Fund raised over $1.1 million and allowed IRIC to grant 59 IRIC Next Generation Internship Awards and 65 Perseverance Awards.


About the IRIC Perseverance Challenge Fund

Established in 2010, the objective of the IRIC Perseverance Challenge Fund of the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC) of the University of Montreal is to fund two program scholarships to recruit and train the best young scientists the world in the field of cancer research. The IRIC Next Generation Internship Awards are intended for undergraduate students who wish to do an internship at IRIC in order to pursue graduate studies. The Perseverance Awards are for graduate level students in systems biology alternating between theoretical learning and practical applications. The IRIC Perseverance Challenge Fund is an initiative of Dr. Robert Patenaude, spokesperson for IRIC and founder of the Perseverance Challenge organised in partnership with the Défis du Parc national de la Mauricie.

To contribute to the IRIC Perseverance Challenge Fund, we invite you to consult the sporting activities list at IRIC Great Challenges against Cancer or to make an online donation at Support IRIC.

About the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer

An ultra-modern research hub and training centre located in the heart of the Université de Montreal, the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC) was created in 2003 to shed light on the mechanisms of cancer and discover new, more effective therapies to counter this disease. IRIC operates according to a model that is unique in Canada. Its innovative approach to research has already led to discoveries that will, over the coming years, have a significant impact on the fight against cancer. For more information: