2013 IRIC Next Generation Internship Awards Recipients

The Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC) of the Université de Montréal has recently welcomed the 18 awardees of its 2013 IRIC Next Generation Internship Awards program. In recognition of their keen interest in cancer research and of their academic excellence, these students were offered a 12-week internship in one of IRIC’s 29 research teams, complemented by a $4,250 award. These awards were offered through the generous contributions of donors to the IRIC Perseverance Challenge Fund and the Fondation Famille Gosselin.

As demonstrated by the 111 applications received from students enrolled in more than 20 universities across the country, the IRIC Next Generation Internship Awards program has once again generated enthusiasm and interest among young up-and-coming Canadian scientists: “For undergraduate students, there is nothing better than an internship to experience the field of biomedical research and to help guide their career choices” explains Patrick Lacasse, the program’s coordinator.

Also according to Patrick Lacasse, these 18 awardees will have the chance to experience something that goes beyond laboratory work: “This program really offers students a full immersion research experience in academia. In addition to the internship projects that allow them to be actively involved in our research activities, students are invited to partake in the variety of activities offered at the Institute such as lab meetings, courses of our Summer School in Systems Biology, our International Symposium on Stem Cell Biology, our numerous scientific conferences and, of course, the various social activities organized by IRIC’s student association.”

Members of IRIC would like to congratulate the 18 awardees of the 2013 IRIC Next Generation Internship Awards:

About the IRIC Next Generation Internship Awards

For more information on the IRIC Next Generation Internship Awards or on training programs offered at IRIC, contact:

Patrick Lacasse
IRIC | Université de Montréal

About The IRIC Perseverance Challenge Fund

The IRIC Perseverance Challenge Fund was created in 2010 with the launch of the Perseverance Challenge, the annual fundraising sporting event of the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer. 100% of the money raised during this event is directly invested in our cancer research initiatives by allowing IRIC to recruit and train tomorrow’s leading young scientists.

To date, the IRIC Perseverance Challenge Fund has raised over $800,000 and allowed IRIC to grant 41 internship awards (IRIC Next Generation Internship Awards) and 52 Masters scholarships (Perseverance Awards) to students. These students join IRIC’s research teams and participate actively in the realization of major discoveries and the advancement of cancer research.

IRIC wishes to express its gratitude to all participants and donors to the Perseverance Challenge and wishes to underline the exceptional gift of the Fondation Famille Gosselin.